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Welcome Vassar '67 !
Our class website continues to develop, and we'd like to add content from as many classmates as we can.  That!

The '67 site includes sections for each dorm and department of study, news of coming events, including our next big reunion, photos, madeleines in the form of ephemera, found objects and your own recollections.

We welcome your ideas, your images and your input.

We may not be able to use everything, but we will try to find a home for each element somewhere on the site.

Send your submissions to our class web curator, Cynthia Fontayne.
Reach her by email: or by post:
4338 Redwood Avenue #215, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Guidelines for Words/Copy:  Perhaps you have some old diaries or letters you sent while at Vassar.  We'd love you to transcribe excerpts of the Vassar-relevant passages to share with your classmates.  A Word document is preferred, or plain text.  Please do not send PDFs as they are not easily edited or converted to HTML.  Or scan the whole darn thing as an image.

Guidelines for Images:  We prefer receiving digital photos (which would include new scans of old photos), in either TIF or JPG format -- with as high a resolution as possible, up to 300 dpi. If it is a clear photo that does not need much fiddling, we can use a JPG as small as 72 dpi.  No GIFs of photos, please; they will not do your images justice.  If you do not have access to a scanner, you can send your originals by post or express courier, and Cynthia will scan them for you, and return the originals.   The originals will not be affected by scanning.

Original documents will be returned by U.S. mail, unless you specify another carrier, such as FedEx, in which case we would need your account number for billing.